I look up to you, human! And I’m kinda drooling because I think you have some food. Mine?

Quality blog, top guy, give him a follow :)

Anonymous said: What's your girlfriend's tumblr (if she has one)? She's really pretty btw! :)

we broke up.

The thought of you loving someone else instead of me kills me inside so much..

Anonymous said: two years ago, i had a really big crush on you but i never told you and i just found your blog now and i'm like omG

Haha, cute.

No idea who you are though. 

I love her, She is my world.

Hi again x

She is mine :)

Anonymous said: you should post more pictures, your really good looking c:

I will when my hair grows more.. too short and annoying atm.

Anonymous said: how long have you and your girlfriend been together?

2 months :)

Anonymous said: Why do you have on your face page pictures of you with some girl with huge tits on webcam when you have a girlfriend?

why not? what does it matter to you?